But even before this last hype, on November 11th, the Press Secretary of the Ukrainian president came forward to state that the presidency of Ukraine has no exact information on the number of Russian troops that might be, so gave notice the Russian version of the Deutsche Welle. The government official goes as far as to state that “[it] remains an open question why the American media disseminate such information, whether it is true.”

Fascism and neoliberalism are the two faces of one same coin, the political face, and the economic face. One does not survive without the other. Neoliberalism needs the oppression of fascism to keep those exploited “in line”, whilst fascism needs the financing of the neoliberals to keep its oppressing machine

The clumsy (?) way on which the USA military abandoned their bases throughout the territory of Afghanistan, fully supplied as they were, for them to, inevitably, fall in the hands of the Taliban can only have been on purpose.