The most recent hiccup, let’s call it hiccup, of von der Leyen has three quick readings to be made. For those not aware the European Commission published a statement by its president announcing 100 thousand dead Ukrainian soldiers, plus 20 thousand dead civilians.

Durante todo este tempo ouvimos repetidas vezes da boca da senhora Von Der Leyen, cuja função deveria ser a gerir a comissão e não de fazer declarações de orientação política, a apelo aos valores partilhados entre a UE e a Ucrânia. Nunca, no entanto, foram especificados quais são esses valores.

In the Bloodlands, the deadliest area of Europe in the XX century, Nazis killed, and this solely in observance of Snyder’s report, more than the double than the Soviets, except they did it in half of the time. And those ascribed to the Soviet tab are, for its near totality, those from the Holodomor. There is today western scientific literature (as in revised by peer scientists) that overwhelmingly dismantles the theory of the Soviet negative intervention the in the great hunger of 1932-33.

From a geopolitical perspective Belarus is more ready now to be seduced by the west that it ever was. Further postponing on action from the EU will only push the country into Russia – although or different reasons, similar to what happened with Moldova where Russia constitutes more and more the “escape pod”. The recent developments with the prices of oil supply show that the tension is increasing. We cannot, nonetheless, expect for Belarus to, single-handed and extremis, simply cuts bonds with Russia – winters are pretty cold in Belarus without Russian energy.