“Informer ensemble”

en français

Dear Mrs Cahen,

The situation we’re living with the Coronavirus pandemic is something, most certainly, never experienced before by anyone living. At least not with the component of the information society we have now. The daily frequency of the press conferences and most diverse statements by both members of government and public administration is awaited and followed with great expectation.

The information vehiculated in those communication moments is of interest to the ALL of the Luxembourgish community. This community includes 300.000 non-Luxembourgish residents plus 200.000 cross-border workers who help maintain the level of prosperity, despite the rising inequality, of the country the government that you belong to manages.

The workforce of the Luxemburgish wellbeing, those that sweat every day to make your country what it is, is composed on 66% by people that don’t share your nationality and, in a most certainly similar number, don’t understand your mother tongue.

As a member of the National Council for Foreigners I dare you, I repeat dare you, to turn the slogan you keep on proclaiming to exhaustion of “vivre ensemble” into something meaningful. The national television, RTL, has online services in French (5minutes.lu) and in English (today.lu). It is the harshest of times that allow us to see what matter people are made of, by the decisions they take.

Dear Mrs Cahen,

It is imperative, at least, and out of respect for the producers of 66% of the wealth your country has, for the abovementioned online services of RTL start to transmit live interpretations of the communication events referring to the corona virus outbreak.

Mario LOBO