The fog is lifting

So… the plan that Diem25, on the words of Yanis Varoufakis, has for capitalism is an evolving tax on dividends. Because… owning 10% of the shares of every company collectively, Star Trek style he says, or taxing every dividend distribution on (extra) 10% is exactly the same thing.

Without state, he says… Makes one wonder… who will manage those 10%? Because… those 10% vote on general assemblies. Who is that welfare fund? Who manages it? Who takes the decisions, if there is no state therefore no government, therefore no elections, therefore no popular expression of political desires?

From very early it was perceivable that DiEM25 maybe didn’t really intended to fight the fight on the correct side of the barricade. Now it has become clear.

The big proposal that DiEM25 has for the economy is to tame capitalism. If you tame it and treat it nicely, like a stray dog we find on the street, it will come to lay by your feet and lick your face. Except that capitalism is not a stray dog. It is a hyena. And like any hyena it will carve its teeth on your neck and squeeze until there is no life left in you.