Ukraine: normalisation of fascism

The Unian, a Ukrainian propaganda outlet (never thought I’d come to use this expression), recently published a piece that, regardless of its contents, brought light on a much serious issue about Ukraine.

Like I said, not focusing on the main story here, just looking into some of the details. The piece tells us about a person upon whom Russia issued an arrest warrant via Interpol. About the subject of this warrant, the Unian says:

“Mazur is an employee of the Secretariat of the Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights and a leader of the Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian People’s Self-Defence Party, also known as UNA-UNSO.”

I cannot, obviously, defend the idea that just because someone is a public servant there should be some incompatibility with a political activity. Or vice-versa. But in this case it goes further.

Mazur, we are informed by the Unian, works for the Commissioner for Human Rights in the scope of the Ukrainian parliament. A noble mission, in fact.

Meanwhile he is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian National Assembly, of which the Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense Party is the paramilitary branch. The UNA is a far-right political formation and the UNSO is known for it’s participation in multiple post-soviet conflicts.