Fascism and neoliberalism are the two faces of one same coin, the political face, and the economic face. One does not survive without the other. Neoliberalism needs the oppression of fascism to keep those exploited “in line”, whilst fascism needs the financing of the neoliberals to keep its oppressing machine

In the Bloodlands, the deadliest area of Europe in the XX century, Nazis killed, and this solely in observance of Snyder’s report, more than the double than the Soviets, except they did it in half of the time. And those ascribed to the Soviet tab are, for its near totality, those from the Holodomor. There is today western scientific literature (as in revised by peer scientists) that overwhelmingly dismantles the theory of the Soviet negative intervention the in the great hunger of 1932-33.

If anything this George Floyd situation has shown is how many people are willing to not only accept but also validate as something normal summary executions of anyone having had, before, stepped out of line.

Mazur, we are informed by the Unian, works for the Commissioner for Human Rights in the scope of the Ukrainian parliament. A noble mission, in fact.
Meanwhile he is one of the leaders of the Ukrainian National Assembly, of which the Ukrainian People’s Self-Defense Party is the paramilitary branch. The UNA is a far-right political formation and the UNSO is known for it’s participation in multiple post-soviet conflicts.

To place Russian Communism on the same moral level with Nazi fascism, because both are totalitarian, is, at best, superficial, in the worse case it is fascism.

He who insists on this equality may be a democrat; in truth and in his heart, he is already a fascist, and will surely fight fascism with insincerity and appearance, but with complete hatred only communism.

(Thomas Mann, 1945)

On 19 September 2019, the EU Parliament in Strasbourg passed a resolution that allegedly dealt with the « significance of the European past (or European historical consciousness) for the future of Europe« . 535 MEPs voted for this resolution, 66 against and 52 abstained.

The FIR and its member federations can in no way agree with this resolution. The text of the declaration does not show the future of Europe, but is an ideological relapse into the worst times of the cold war, which are expressed in this resolution, which came about on initiative of the Baltic States and Poland. Contrary to all scientific findings, it is claimed here that it was only with the German-Soviet Non-Aggression Treaty that « the course was set for the Second World War ».

Ano e meio volvido temos Trump nos Estados Unidos, temos o Brexit, temos uma vitória à rasca do candidato ecológico na Áustria e temos a não-vitória do partido de Wilders na Holanda. Das duas eleições europeias referidas (Áustria e Holanda) cantámos vitória a quem quisesse ouvir ignorando que nos dois casos a extrema direita teve mais votos do que nos actos eleitorais anteriores.

Perante este avanço na direcção neoliberal outra solução não restou aos partidos Socialistas europeus, vazios de outro sentido fundamental que não o combate à esquerda de massas (nota: ler a esse sujeito sobre a origem dos termos bolchevique e menchevique), outra solução que não a de “apanhar o comboio” para não se verem deixados para trás. Esta deserção da esquerda moderada face aos valores de esquerda não foi sem consequências, como pudemos atestar aqui há uns anos na cisão do PS francês.