Sam Frankenstein

August 15, 2021. The remaining diplomats at the USA embassy in Kabul are evacuated by helicopter. Just like Saigon April 30, 1975.

The USA spend more money in defence than the next 11 countries in this spending raking, a total of USD 778 bil. The second biggest spender is China with 252 bil (one third of the USA). Then comes India with 73 bil. (11 times less than the USA), and then Russia with 62 bil (13 times less).

We can safely say that the USA are the strongest military power in the world. So… how come they find themselves back in Saigon 1975? Or even… how come they never actually won any war, other than small military skirmishes, since 1900? As a side not let us remind that even The Washington Post admitted (December 5, 2018) that II World War was won by the Soviet Union.

Incompetence and arrogance do not explain it all. What if, just what if, wining was never really the objective? What if keeping the war going on for as long as possible and thus feeding the military industrial complex really is the main objective?

The clumsy (?) way on which the USA military abandoned their bases throughout the territory of Afghanistan, fully supplied as they were, for them to, inevitably, fall in the hands of the Talibancan only have been on purpose. One should say that a quite similar technique was used in Ukraine as the regular army pulled back leaving behind fully equipped military bases that were used for equipping the fascist Azov Regiment (of which multiple EU citizens were fighting elements – without anybody caring, to be clear). The columns we Taliban forces we see in television ride USA’s military Hummers.

A similar situation allowed for ISIS to arise, lotting the abandoned USA military bases in Iraq. It was this event that allowed for the M16 to become the most used weapon by rebellious forces throughout the world replacing the everlasting Kalashnikov. So… there’s nothing new on what comes to knowing the consequences of abandoning military equipment.

This “desertion”, nonetheless, fulfils a second objective. Actually, the same one that led the USA to finance the Taliban back in the 1970s: bring military stress to Moscow. Especially after the dissolution of the USSR and the rise of Islamic inspiration states in the Central Asia region.

So… the monster has a father. And it is not a careless one. The monster has been and is groomed into becoming what it is. Nothing comes by chance in the monster’s growth. And the father has a name: Uncle Sam. Uncle Sam Frankenstein.