The need for an Integration policy

The story is not new. An hotel in the north of Luxembourg subdued a group of workers to “modern slavery” (expression is from RTL Today).

Not diminishing the victims nor their nationalities, the fact is that the origin of these immigrants is irrelevant.

The most relevant thing in this all story can be resumed in the article’s first sentence:

The victims of the exploitation were (…) unfamiliar with Luxembourgish law and unable to speak any of the country’s languages.

This sentence show how much foreigners need to be given, more than a helping hand on their needs, a voice in order to alert the authorities for the difficulties of living in a country that, albeit basing its economic model in the importation of labor, does very little to welcome those newly arrived.

It is urgent to prevent the plan that Mrs Cahen, minister of family and assimilation, has to simply remove the foreigners from the process of selection of those that will speak on their behalf.